Posted by: maidrya | January 7, 2012

Progress Check-in

One refinement to the goal: 1000 words per day, 6 days a week. I deserve a day off – I need a day off. (Unless I just am dying to write.)

Also, I’m going to keep a running count of words per day and total words so that I know how many words over 1000 that I have written each day – to “bank” them for those days when I can’t keep up that pace.

Mon., Jan 2: 

Words: 1363

Words banked: 363

Total Words to date: 1363

Tues., Jan 3:

Words: 1727

Words banked: 727 – Total Words Banked: 1090

Total Words to date: 3090

Wed., Jan. 4

Words: 1413

Words banked: 413 – Total Words Banked: 1503

Total Words to date: 4503

Thurs., Jan. 5

Words: 1021

Word banked: 21 – Total Words Banked: 1524

Total Words to date: 5524

Fri., Jan. 6

Words: 1097

Words Banked: 97 – Total Words Banked: 1621

Total Words to date: 6621

Note: I seem to have gotten myself confused – my “First Pass” post dated Jan. 3 suggests that my first writing day was on Tuesday – but it was actually Monday.
I’m feeling especially proud tonight. I got a bit of disappointing news this afternoon. Writing the 1000 words today is an instance of “climb back up on the horse.”


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