Posted by: maidrya | January 9, 2012


Thinking over my goal(s), it occurred to me that I really need to add a modest goal of dedicating time to brainstorm some new ideas. I’d like to think I could do that plus keep up the 1000 words per day pace. However, I reluctantly conclude that could be shooting myself in the foot; better to set a more modest goal and if I exceed it, cool, if not, no stress.

So, new goal: 750 words per day, 6 days a week and 15 minutes per day, hands on keyboard, exploring new ideas. New goal starts tomorrow, Monday.

Yesterday, Saturday, turned out to be my day off – by default. Power outage just as I was sitting down to type pulled the plug on that.

Otherwise, as the previous posts show, I did 1413 words on Wed., 1021 words on Thurs., and 1097 words on Friday.

Sunday, Jan. 8:
Words: 1089

Words banked: 89 – Total Words Banked: 1710

Total Words to Date: 7710

This is all pretty exciting. I’m probably no more than 1/8 of the way to completion – but what’s amazing to me is that I’ve got 31 double-spaced pages already. In just one week. Not bad.

This is probably incredibly obvious and something more practical people realize instinctively, but to me it’s like a revelation how quickly steady work adds up.



  1. Looks like you had a very productive writing week. Good job!

  2. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. It’s amazing how quickly the pages add up. You’re surpassing your goals every day. The planning time will go a long way toward making those words flow smoothly. Congratulations on your week!

  4. Thanks, Suzanne and thanks for stopping by.


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