Posted by: maidrya | January 12, 2012

Speed Bump

I’m checking in before I’ve done my Wednesday work – going to do that after posting my check-in and will report it either later or Sunday or both.

Monday, Jan. 9 went OK:

Words: 1047

Words Banked: 47 – Total Words Banked: 1757

Total Words to Date: 8757

15 minutes hands on keyboard brainstorming: Check – done.

Tues., Jan 10 – hit a speed bump. Bound to happen, I suppose. I had a longish day at the day job and found that when there was finally time for writing for myself, I was completely zonked – out of it.

I thought it over and decided the better part of valor would be to take it easy – if I push myself too hard, I’ll eventually rebel. I felt pretty good about that decision on Tuesday and still feel so today.

The rest of my week looks fairly open so it may be that Tuesday just becomes my one day off this week. But, I’ll see how it goes and if I take another day off, then I’ll subtract the 1000 words from my “Word Bank.”

Two things didn’t come to mind yesterday while I was mulling this over.
1) I was, I think, supposed to do at least 100 words, even on days when I’m not going to make the official goal. Never even registered – I think this was a kind of newbie thing, reflective that I’m fairly new to these goals.

2) supposed to spend 15 minutes brainstorming. Again, never even crossed my mind – all I thought about was the 1000 words and whether I was going to attempt them or not.

I’m not sure how to build flexibility into that 15 minute brainstorming goal. I may need to make that a 5 days a week goal instead of 6 days – or perhaps allow even fewer minutes. I’ll mull that over and see how the rest of the week goes.

Off to post my check-in and then hammer out my words.



  1. Love the idea of a Word Bank and 15 minutes of brainstorming. I may have to work something like that into my own goals.

    And I think it would be wise for all of us to add Downtime to our list of goals. It isn’t a bad thing. In fact, for most people, it makes us more productive when we do sit down to write or edit or read – or whatever.

    All the best until next time.

  2. Thank-you for saying downtime isn’t a bad thing! Very true – and something I forget until it bites me in the ass.

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