Posted by: maidrya | January 14, 2012


The week since Wednesday has gone splendiferously. That’s a word, right? Huh, lists some synonyms for it such as ostentatious and garish. The heck with the thesaurus, all I meant was, truly extra-splendid.

Wed., Jan 11
Words: 1085
Words Banked: 85 – Total Words Banked: 1842
Total Words to Date: 9842

Also: 15 minutes brainstorming.

Thurs., Jan. 12
Words: 1104
Words Banked: 104 – Total Words Banked: 1946
Total Words to Date: 10,863* – Look, Ma, I Hit Five Figures!

* on Thursday I did some minor editing of about 20 pages of what I’ve written so far, for a sample to send to someone. In the course of this, I cut 83 words – so there’s a hiccup in the total words between Wed. & Thurs., but I’m not going to take the words out of my word total – I did write them after all!

**No brainstorming, attended a **writing class. A 3-hour writing class.

Fri., Jan 13
Words: 1078
Words Banked: 78 – Total Words Banked: 2024
Total Words to Date: 11,941

Also: at least 15 minutes brainstorming, probably more, for **writing class.

Sat., Jan. 14
Words: 2,149!!!
Words Banked: 1,149 – Total Words Banked: 3173
Total Words to Date: 14,090.

Hell, Yes!

I assume that I’ll hit more speed bumps or the doldrums or something, but right now, this ROW80 is working like magic.

**Yes, the writing class. I’d forgotten about this when I set my goals. I’m taking an eight-week screenwriting class with Corey Mandell. (This is embarrassing – I can’t get the link to work. I will rectify my bad html skills later – here’s his website: )

It’s actually a scene-writing class, as opposed to writing an entire screenplay. The focus is on particular writing skills, such as writing conflict and something called creative integration. We’ve had one 3-hour webinar meeting and it looks promising.

However, instead of random brainstorming, I’ll probably spend most days working on exercises for Corey’s class. Also, depending on how busy I get, I may be forced to reduce my Word goal for the Mirror Girl novelization. I want to give the course the time and attention it needs.

Speaking of which…off to get lunch and then work on my assignment for this week.

How’s your week been?



  1. It’sa good word for a good week – well done

    all the best for next week

  2. Great progress, Judith! I do something similar to your “words banked” by making my *weekly* word count goal my top priority, so I won’t feel too bad if I don’t make the word count on some day when Life Happens.

    Good luck on your goals and have a great week!

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