Posted by: maidrya | January 18, 2012

Steady as She Goes

OK, still hanging in there, still pleased as punch with ROW80.

Sunday, Jan. 15:
Words: 1097
Words Banked: 97 – Total Words Banked: 3270
Total Words to Date: 15,187

Monday, Jan. 16:
Words: 1050
Words Banked: 50 – Total Words Banked: 3320
Total Words to Date: 16,237

Tues., Jan. 17
Words: 1118
Words Banked: 118 – Total Words Banked: 3438
Total Words to Date: 17,355

I have 70 1/3 double-spaced pages printed out right now. This is only the first draft – a long way to go – but it’s so rewarding to see so much concrete progress. I am so grateful to Kait Nolan for this tool –

(Jeez, when I’m not so obsessed with word count, I’ll take 30 minutes and learn how to do links.)

Hope your week is going well!

P.S. Almost forgot! Re: my other goal, brainstorming and/or exercises for class – met that too. It was all exercises for class, but that is developing new work, so it’s all good.


  1. I love how you are ‘banking’ your words! What a great visual! Sounds like you are making great progress with your work! I love ROW 80 as well!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Heather. I got a quick look at your website – looks great. I’ll come back for a longer visit later today.


  2. You’re getting more word rich by the second 🙂 Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks! and thanks for stopping by.


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