Posted by: maidrya | January 30, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, this is different – and it caught me totally by surprise. I didn’t make the novel word count goal the last three days.

I did do some writing – quite a bit, actually – tackled one project which I intend to send to a writing contest, whose deadline is Jan. 31st. Not exactly purposefully, I veered away (temporarily) from the original goals. Ah well, that’s what the Word Bank is there for. I guess.

So, here’s the hard numbers.

Wed., Jan. 25
Words: 1088
Words Banked: 88 – Total Words Banked: 3861
Total Words to Date: 23778

Also, as noted in previous post, spent 1+ hour on class exercise (writing a scene).

Thurs., Jan. 26
Words: 1236
Words Banked: 236 – Total Words Banked: 4097
Total Words to Date: 25,014 **

**Nice milestone!

Also: attended scene-writing webinar for 3, count ’em, 3 hours.

Fri., Jan. 27
Words: 528
Words Banked: 0
Words Withdrawn from Bank: 486 – Total Words Banked: 3611
Total Words to Date: 25,528

I think I worked on a scene-writing exercise, but honestly don’t recall.

Sat., Jan. 28
No Mirror Girl novel work at all.

Words Withdrawn from Bank: 1000 – Total Words Banked: 2611

I worked at least 4 hours, maybe 5, completing one scene, starting another for scene-writing class.

Sun., Jan 19
No Mirror Girl novel work at all.

Words Withdrawn from Bank: 1000 – Total Words Banked: 1611

I worked at least 2 hours, maybe more, completing the second scene for scene-writing class.

I worked at least 2 hours or thereabouts, readying other project for submission to contest.

I’m already 2/3 of the way through the novelization of the Mirror Girl, so I think even with this detour I’ll have a draft by mid-February or thereabouts. Which is great, really.

So, here’s to the occasional deviation!



  1. Wow. I am trying to imagine a 3 hour webinar. The thought of it makes my head spin, just slightly to the right, thank you.

    I think I would rather watch a Bridezilla marathon than do that….

    Anyway – kudos to you for keeping such close track of your ROW80 goals… I am impressed… and I appreciate your devotion. I say “Inspiring!”

    • Eee-e-e-k – a Bridezilla marathon is just too awful to think about. The 3-hour webinar is not quite the endurance trial I’d feared it would be. We take a couple of short breaks, which helps and the writing is absorbing.

      Thanks for the encouragement and for stopping by!


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