Posted by: maidrya | February 19, 2012

Champagne for Everyone!

OK, I fell off my somewhat compulsive goal-setting-check-marking-record-keeping of the early weeks of ROW80 – but the good news is:


Champagne for Everyone!!!

This is, of course, just the first draft, but we’ll worry about editing tomorrow or later next week. 🙂 Today, we’ll just enjoy.

I’m not going to go into the details of word count, suffice it to say, between Friday, Jan. 27 and this morning, I added 12,697 words for a total word count of 38,225. Yes, I realize that’s way low for a novel. With this draft I was aiming just to get the screenplay into a minimal novel form, sometimes not doing much more than transcribing the screenplay. But, now I have a MS that I can work with and turn into a real novel.

Also, btw, while working on it I’ve had an idea or two that are going to change the story fairly significantly. But, again, worry about that tomorrow.

I’ll just mention, for the record, I have kept up with the webinar, producing more scenes for that class and, in general, writing more and more regularly than at any time in my life! Thank-you ROW80!

Later this week – probably Tuesday, I’ll set some new goals for ROW80. But for now: ENJOY.



  1. I don’t think that’s low for a novel! Some of the best novels out there are less than 300 words (At least that’s what the people at NANOWRIMO say LOL!!).. Including my fav ‘The Hours’ That’s awesome and Congrats!!!

    • Thanks, Natasha. Word count aside, the draft I have now is really more scaffolding for a novel than an actual novel – but you gotta have the scaffolding!

      • LOL!! Trust me I totally understand. My WIP is a frighting thing that I would never let out of the closet until I at least it went through 3 rounds of editing. Then my gatekeeper (the one person that won’t think I’m a 7 year old trying to write) takes a look at it and helps me reshape it. Here’s my WIP after nano LOL!

  2. Congrats! Throw in some chocolates and we’ll have a party. Good luck with the edits. Happy Writing.

    • Chocolates! Palm/forehead – how could I have forgotten?! Yes, by all means, there will be chocolates. Thanks for visiting.


  3. But!!!! 38K is perfect for a novella going into edits! Congrats to you…cheers…Zevdelji! Finishing a story is a huge accomplishment – bask for a few days 🙂

    • Thank-you Nadja, I think I will bask for a few days. And, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Congratulations! I can’t wait until I get finished my first draft. Have three novels on the go and never seem to get to the end of any of them!! It is a great reason to celebrate!! Enjoy.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Carolyn.

  5. I’ll take a glass! Congrats on your first draft!!

    • Cheers! Thanks for visiting.


  6. Way to go! That’s such a good feeling to get the first draft done. No small feat. 🙂

  7. well done and congrats! You must feel so much lighter!

    I stress about my word counts a little too, but I always tell myself I can flesh it out later 😛

    • Yes, there’s definitely more story here, so I don’t think it will be difficult to get the word count up. As I’ve noted, at times I was simply transcribing the screenplay, so there’s definitely room for more! thanks for commenting.


  8. Congrats! Novellas are fine pieces of work too. Try only to say ONLY because its no easy feat and definitely an accomplishment.
    CHEERS! *clinks wine glasses*

    • Oops I mean champagne flutes…lol

    • “Try only to say ONLY because its no easy feat and definitely an accomplishment.” Thanks for the reminder! Cheers!


  9. Congratulations, Judith! Cheers — Thanks for the champagne…! Is this your first attempt at writing a novel? I remember writing a 10 page term paper in college–no easy feat. Would it make any difference for you if you called it a “Short Story”? I always liked reading short stories like “The Postman Always Rings Twice”. And, I look forward to seeing your “idea or two that are going to change the story fairly significantly” Can we get a sneak peek? … The Very Best to You, Marcus

    • Hey, Marcus!
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s not my first novel, if you count “fanfiction” – I’ve written two of those and another shorter one that would more qualify as a novella.

      I think at the current word length it would be considered a novella, not a short story. I don’t have anything against novellas & I’m not stressing about the word count. I do believe, though, as I start to treat it as a novel, not a screenplay, that the word count will naturally increase.

      I don’t know about sneak peaks, but you can definitely stay on as a “beta reader.”


  10. That’s a massive achievement and I hope you have a glass for me (i love champagne). Good things ahead for you, I feel it.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paula, and for the positive thoughts – very encouraging! It’s been over a year, which I’ve spent thinking & re-writing. This may be one that winds up in the drawer. I have stayed in love with the story though and that counts for something.

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